Thursday, August 16, 2007

Travel Tips from Padyn, Part I

We made it to Chicago with tremendous ease today. Kate was a bit of a pill on the plane due to her lack of desire to nap, but otherwise, the girls did well, and we arrived all in one piece and in good spirits.

Here's one of Liam and Padyn on the bus heading to Navy Pier. These former best friends reconnected very quickly today. By the end of the night they were walking along the city streets, holding hands and having a grand ol' time.
I don't have much to share right now, but I just had to tell you one gem Padyn said when we were getting out of the shower tonight. I'm sure there is some hotel etiquette magazine I could send this in to. Although, no hotel would be willing to have us as customers if I did...

"Mommy, if the hotel doesn't have a toilet, you can just go potty in the shower."

I think she was just talking about peeing. At least, I hope so.

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