Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Utterances

Kate's language is just exploding these days. She usually has at least one new word per day, and that's the words I can understand. Some words I pick up right away because she uses them in context, but others take a while to figure out. For instance, it took me about a week to figure out she was telling me she was poopy. She'll grab her diaper and utter a few syllables that have the "p" and "ee" sound in them. But I think she is misinterpreting the meaning. Whenever I go to change her diaper, whether it's poopy or not, she tells me it's poopy. At least she doesn't fight me to change it like used to. Though she does try to wipe herself, which can be a problem...

Another word that took me a while to get was "potty." (Funny, how both these examples have to do with bathroom activities. Not sure if there is a connection or not.) Not only does she say some variation of "potty" when she walks in the bathroom with you (because no mom gets to go to the bathroom by herself), she'll sit on the stool while you sit on the toilet, say "Potty," then as soon as you are done, she stands up on the stool, sticks her hands in the sink and says, "Wah" for "wash." Excellent.

But here's what I really wanted to post. Yesterday she had two new words and I figured them both out immediately. The first was in the car. Padyn and I were talking about what music to listen to and Kate said, "I-pah." You guessed it...iPod.

Then last night in the bathtub, she stood up. Before I could say anything, she said, "Si dow, si dow." And she sat right down. Glad to know she's listening, if not obeying.


Erin said...

Wow, she's "talking up a storm", as Callie would say. Avery's not getting new words quite that fast, but I love hearing her babble.

Wentworth Family Blog said...

such precious moments, they grow so fast. It's neat that you will be able to look back on your blog and remember these moments in your kids life.