Friday, August 10, 2007

Sentences and other Utterances

Kate is starting to put words together. Mostly, it's still mimicking, rather than her knowing how to combine words to make meaning, but it's a start into more sophisticated communication.

The two word sentence she's been doing for a couple weeks now is, "ByeBye Daddy." Now, I know she thinks this is one word, because she doesn't call Daddy by that name. She calls him Dadda. Also, she now says this to me when I am leaving (or she's pretending I'm leaving). Today she said it to Papa. So, I think she thinks it's the appropriate good-bye for a parental figure, not necessarily Daddy.

Today, she produced two one phrases. Again, I don't think she realized they are separate words and her knowing they go together is a product of mimicking her parents and sibling. But she does use them correctly.

When I gave her BearBear this morning, she grabbed him, hugged him tight and said, "Iruvroo." Translation: I love you.

Just now I as I looking at pictures to post for Photo Friday, I was holding her. She pat my shoulder and said, 'Mama, are you?"
Translation: Mama, where are you?" It's what we say when we play peek-a-boo or other hiding games.

On a side note, Kate's new favorite word seems to be, "My!" or "Ah My!" Both mean "Mine...Stay away!"

And the word she started saying this week? Yes, I know I'm very fortunate that she waited this long, but still...


Must be heading into that fun defiance stage.

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Erin said...

Oh you're so lucky with the NO! thing waiting so long. Avery's been saying that or shaking her head for months. It's great and all, but sometimes? Not so much. Sounds like Katelyn's talking a lot. I enjoy reading about her new words.