Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're At the Lake!

Due to an extremely crude satellite wireless connection here at the lake, I was only able to upload two pictures from my camera of the girls this afternoon. We arrive in Tahoe at about 4pm and Padyn made a beeline for the water. It's amazing how she can turn from whiney brat to cheerfully delightful preschooler when water is involved. (She was not very happy when we first arrived, but as soon as I asked, "Do you want to put on your suit and go in the boat?" she became a different child.)

Kate took her first boat ride today. Padyn, an old pro at the ski boat thing, sat calmly in the front with Auntie and cheered for the "big waves." I don't think she even held on. Kate liked the boat, but she wanted to move around all the time which is really not appropriate in a moving object traveling across cold, deep water. She did got to "drive" at one point. That was very exciting for everyone. She was extremely proud of herself, as you can imagine.

We'll be here until Saturday morning, so I'll try to post more later. Maybe the satellite will like me better in the morning and I can show you more.

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