Monday, March 26, 2007

Can't Fool Her

Katelyn knows who her "Bear Bear" is. She knows. And she will not readily accept a substitute.

I was just putting her down for her nap and I said, "Let's get Bear Bear!"

She smiled, gurgled, and eagerly looked around. And didn't see him.

Nor did I, so I did what I usually do in this particular circumstance...I chose a substitute. Because, why not? It's always worked before.

"Oh, here's Baby Doll! Baby Doll will take your nap with you!" and thrust Baby Doll into her arms.

At this point with Bear Bear, she would squeal, squeeze the bear with all her might, and shove his nose into her mouth.

With Baby Doll, she looked at her with mild disgust, threw her to the floor, looked at me with mild disgust and whined. Guess substitutions aren't cutting it anymore.

After a brief search, the object of her desire was found on the living room floor. When I presented him to her, she did her usual things, and sighed with contentment as I put her down in the crib.

Better sure as heck hope Bear Bear never goes missing...

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