Friday, March 16, 2007

Photo Friday-The First Days of Spring

It may not be spring quite yet, but it's certainly in the air around here this week. Sunshine, temperatures in the mid 70's, cloudless skies and long afternoons. It's been a fabulous treat for the girls and I. We've shed the pants and sweaters for short sleeves and capris, we've visited the park in the late afternoon, and have been able to be outside more. Yesterday I even let Kate ride her "bike" outside. Really, it's a walker/scooter that Auntie bought for Padyn when she turned 1. As you've seen in previous pictures, Kate loves it. You should have heard her squeals when I let her walk it around outside yesterday. I thought the neighbors were going to come out and complain about the happy baby disturbing their quiet afternoon. She was practically running with the thing. Of course, I have no pictures because I was too fearful of her falling and giving herself a nice road rash on her face. I hovered very close-by, usually with my hand on the front of the walker. And that cocky little girl. Do you know what she did? She picked up my hand and pushed it off her walker. She wanted no help from me. I can see the future now.These pictures are from Tuesday night when we went over to Papa and BonBon's house for dinner. It was a beautiful evening, so before dinner we went outside to play baseball and run around. We blew some bubbles, threw the ball for Yogi, and chased the kitties. As you can see, we even got to pick oranges (a new favorite food of Katelyn's).

Spring, I hope you aren't just teasing us. We're ready for ya.

Kate practicing standing on her own. She never fell. She just slowly, gently put herself back on the ground.
Since you're wondering about the bandaid, I'll just tell you. She has a bug bite on her face that she keeps itching and making bleed. I was getting tired of telling her to stop it, so I just stuck the bandaid on instead.
Mmmm....oranges. Papa and his girls (and Yogi)

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Brand New Momma said...

We just got a fresh coating of snow and I am about ready to pull my hair out from cabin fever! So Ella and I know exactly what you mean.