Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spontaneous Praise

The other evening we were walking home from the park, and when we turned on our street, we could see the remains of the sunset over the roof of our house. It was a pleasant orangey/yellow sunset that you get at this time of year. We couldn't see much, but enough to know what it was from.

Upon seeing it (without me pointing it out), Padyn shouts, "Look what God did!"

I replied, "What? What did He do?" (knowing what she was talking about, but just curious as to see what she would say).

P: "The sunset! He made the sunset!"

M: "That's pretty cool, isn't it?

P: "He did that with His powers."

M: "Yup. God's pretty powerful, isn't He?"

And then she always has to go ask me a question that theologically seems a bit above her head...

P: "Mommy, where are God's powers?"

I should have said in her tummy, but I didn't want to scar her for life. She probably won't get that I was joking.

M: "God's power is in Him and all around us."

Here is where I can't recall the rest of the conversation word for word (why don't I write these things down immediately?), but it was something like this:

P: "We do things for God. Daddy and me do things for God!"

M: "What things does Daddy do for God?"

P: "He fixes things! For God!"

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