Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Budding Vocabulary

Kate turns 2 in a couple weeks. I'm totally in denial about it, yet, all her behavior lately keeps shoving it right in my face. The stubborn drive to constantly have her own way, the screaming tantrums that ensure when she doesn't get it, the contrary actions, the new language skills...all point to the reality of a two year old.

When she turns two, I'll give you an actual update, but I just wanted to throw out the new response she has apparently picked up from someone else in this house (I honestly don't know could have been me just as easily as it could have been from her big sister.)

This was a conversation we had Monday morning after I took her out of her crib:

Kate: I wan paci boo boo.

Mommy: Why do you want Paci Boo Boo?

Kate: be-CUZ!

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Angie said...

Connor learned "cuz" from me. But, he's so funny in that when he is asking me "why" he always says "WHY? CUZ?" I don't even have to answer him - he's go the answer right there!!