Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photo Friday-Oops...Saturday

I know how disappointing it is. It's Friday, so you eagerly pop over to my blog, knowing there will be some cute pictures to look at. Some of you have been waiting all week for it! Then, to your utter dismay, when you get here, there's nothing. You might think, "Well, it's still only 3pm (or 5:15 or 9:42)...she just hasn't gotten to it. I'll check back later. And if you checked again at 11:57pm (because I was still up then) you would have realized the truth. I have been lazy.

Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth, but I won't whine to you about my crazy insane day yesterday. I can tell you I didn't take these pictures until about 5:30. The girls had been without me most of the day. (I was home part of the time, but busy sitting in on a phone interview and the other part of the day I was off training parents while the girls hung out at their friends' house.) They really wanted to go ride their bikes, so I brought the camera along. I think it's pretty funny that they are wearing almost the same clothes they wore in the last pictures I posted.

Kate isn't really riding her bike yet. She discovered the other day that she prefers kneeling on the back and having me pull her along. This may be easier for her, but it's hard on Mommy's back.Lately, Kate hasn't wanted to swing on the bars in gymnastics (her favorite activity in the fall) but yesterday she busted out her hanging ability. She's swinging there yelling, "Nastics! Ook (look), Momma. Nastics!"
Kate wanted to just hang out and watch Padyn ride her bike in circles around the playground.Padyn is getting more confident on her bike, but still as slow as molasses. She has figured out how to use the pedal brakes, which is amusing since she never goes fast enough to actually require braking. She did have a major wipe out yesterday, but after a few minutes of crying and refusing to get back on, she was drawn in by peer pressure and rode again(the neighbor boy came out then to ride his bike, so of course, Padyn had to get back on hers.)
She still occasionally prefers Kate's trike, as you can see here. And look what they discovered...maybe I should buy them a tandem.

Happy Friday.

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Erin said...

I love K's hangin' skillz! Funny how she puts her feet behind her. Avery puts hers in front of her and barely swings herself. It's so cute. If she slips off, she lands right on her behind.