Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Family Portraits-The Dinner Edition

Like any decent family, we attempt to eat dinner together a couple nights a week. It's usually only a couple because by the time Daddy gets home many nights, the girls are needing to be in the bath. But tonight was one that we all sat down at the same time and attempted to eat the same food. For whatever reason, the camera eventually came out. I think it started with Kate showing us her ladybug stamps (as opposed to eating) and went downhill from there. We managed to get a close-upish picture of everyone, although, obviously, by the time we got to Kate, she was ready to be DONE.

What do your family meals look like?


Erin said...

I LOVE the lighting on all of those pictures! They look great! That's a good idea, taking pictures of dinnertime. I'll have to try to remember to do that.

Rochelle said...

Let's see..... there is usually crying (like Kate is doing), and feet on the table, as in the next post (which we have been trying to get Caitlin to stop doing). No one looks as cool and level-headed as Joel - lately both Brian and I look irritated at Caitlin and Brandon playing. Peek-a-boo under the table has become a big favorite. Again...makes me irritated. I think that's the one emotion I have left these days. Brandon has become our good eater (!), and Caitlin subsists on air and broccoli. I'll have to take pictures on of these days and post about it. You can see how we look!