Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Friday-Table Does and Don'ts

This Photo Friday, I thought I'd enlighten you with a brief tutorial in proper dining etiquette, as understood from a 2 and 4 year old perspective. I have included photos so as to minimize any confusion. Feel free to use these techniques at home. They are not yet copyrighted.

First off, the table isn't just a place to scarf down your chicken nuggets and dehydrated peas. No, no. It is a place of rest and relaxation. You should sit, stand, kneel or lie any way that makes the consumption of your meal most enjoyable. Kicking back with your feet on the table is particularly helpful in digestion. (Especially if all you are digesting is air.)
Secondly, despite what you may have heard in the past (usually by well-meaning, but misinformed parents) food is a toy. Playing with it actually makes it taste better. Making your gummy vitamins dance around, taking your grapes off your plate one by one to count them, and rolling your cup across the table (to watch it roll off the table) are all fun, easy ways to better enjoy the meal set before you. Balancing food on one's face is especially satisfying.
(you have to know that Kate actually did this first, and Padyn copied her. That's why Kate looks so pleased with herself.)Recent studies show that chewing food with your mouth open may actually lead to less choking, better circulation of oxygen to the lungs, and more stimulating table conversations. Using sticky, gooey food substances with this method are particularly encouraged.Lastly, wrestling and other forms of contact play are most fun when the risk of bruising oneself on the hard edge or corner of a table is present. Don't limit yourself to wrestling or playing on the soft carpet. Where's the fun when no risk is involved? Go ahead...tackle your sister, brother, mother or father tonight at the table. Everyone will love it.Happy Friday

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kjb said...

Naia would like to make a reservation at chez denDulk. She would fit right in and follow ALL the rules perfectly, especially the first one about putting feet on the table. She somehow manages to put her foot on her highchair tray, which is no small task given now small the seat is. Thanks for making me laugh!!