Friday, March 07, 2008

Photo Friday-Cowgirls and Trains

We are currently in the middle of a dance party in the living room on my newly cleaned carpet, but I thought I'd take a breather and post some photos from this week. Well, if I'm to be honest, photos from Wednesday and today. Those are the only days the camera was in use this week. Some weeks are better than others. (Sorry, no photos from the dance party. Too much hair swinging and jumping around. But if you used to live in Arlington Farms, you understand.)

This first one is from Wednesday. For whatever reason, Padyn decided she wanted to be a cowgirl. She found her bandanna from VBS last summer and the cowboy hat Papa brought home from some costume party. In this picture she's shoeless, but you know she wore her hot pink "cowgirl" boots to complete the outfit. Nice. She discarded the hat and bandanna before story hour, but she still contented that she was a cowgirl all day.

Oh, and can you see the shirt? It's my new favorite one that I found at Target for $3 last weekend. It says My Daddy can fix anything. She has taken this very literally since I bought her the shirt. For example, she got this little balsa wood airplane from a birthday party last week, and it immediately broke upon her first usage. I told her that's just the way it was with those toys and we weren't going to be able to fix it. She said, "Daddy can fix it." I said that probably not, it looks beyond repair. Do you know what she said? Actually, it was more of a wail...But my daddy can fix ANYTHING! My shirt says so! No Spoiled Brat or I'm a Princess shirts please. Who knows what she'll do with those.
Yep...that's a little person. Thanks, Padyn.
The following pictures are of our afternoon today. Here's the "train" that Padyn and Kate made. Padyn is on the stairs on her way to get more stuffed animals to ride the train.
Oh, the animals have arrived. Maybe it's a circus train.The train eventually became a car, with both girls in the front seat. So, we tried to take some "I love my sister" photos. This is about the best one I got.
From there we progressed to mayhem. Padyn was rolling around on the floor with her animals, Kate was banging the chair into the ground...I decided it was time to move onto quieter activities...coloring and such. Doesn't work so well when the music is still playing VERY LOUDLY. But that's just the way we like it on a lazy Friday afternoon.
Happy Friday.

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