Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photo Saturday-A New Trend

Maybe I should just start calling it Photo Saturday...but it really doesn't have the same ring as Photo Friday does.

Here are a few shots we took at playgroup on Wednesday. Yet another one of our good friends is moving far far away, so I was snapping some shots of everyone for a little photo book so they could remember everyone. Here's what I took of the girlies...

Padyn and her "best friend," Emily, drawing with chalk. Kate and Josh (Emily's bro) sharing the sand truck. Padyn showing off. I can't ever get this child out of the swing. She could stay there for the entire 2 hours if I let her.Padyn was swinging next to Emily...that's what she's looking at.Happy Weekend. I'll put some shots up of the girls in their Easter finery tomorrow.

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