Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At Least Her Priorities are Straight

Since the pool is no longer heated, we've been riding bikes every afternoon for the last week out in our street. Padyn still has training wheels on her bike. The other day I noticed her tires were pretty low, so that night Daddy put air in them. Well, what I did not realize was that the low tires allowed for BOTH the training wheels to be on the ground at the same time.

When Padyn got on her newly inflated bike the next day, she was a bit distraught over the fact that only one training wheel touched the ground at a time. The wobbling back and forth really frightened her. I didn't want her to give up, so I kept saying, "You can trust your training wheels! They won't let you fall over. Just trust the training wheels!"

And her response as she rode by?

"I trust God more than my training wheels!"

Can't really argue with that one.


Erin said...

Smart girl! That is too funny.

Mommy Jules said...

That is so wise and cute at the same time!