Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo Friday-Race Day

We are taking time out from our real life at the lake this week. We drove up on Wednesday afternoon and headed to the Reno Air Races on Thursday. We had some inside connections there, so it made the hot race day much more pleasant.

One of the comforts was a hanger to hang out in. Here are the girls in their Great Uncle's airplane. At first Kate refused to get in, then, of course, when she finally got in, she didn't want to get out.

Joel's squadron had a plane on display at the races. Daddy and Padyn (and Grandpa) got to watch the Thunderbirds' show from the cockpit.
Here's how Kate watched most of the show...under the airplane. She didn't want to go up in Daddy's airplane until it was almost over.
Can you see Kate's ears? After a couple startling fly-bys, a nice gentleman came up and gave me earplugs for her. She amazingly kept them in the rest of the show. She's no dummy.

I have no idea what Padyn is doing with her shirt here. Tomorrow...more from the lake, including the three outfit changes that the girls did in under an hour.

Happy Friday.

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