Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What I Sent to School Today

I pretty much let Padyn choose her clothes everyday because it just isn't worth the battle. But some days, I wonder if I should reconsider. Here's what she went to school in this morning...

Let me just help you see this outfit for all its glory. Let's start at the top:

Silk flower barrettes, courtesy of C's b.day party yesterday
Blue shirt with brown polka dots-last season's favorite shirt from Target
Pink pants with sequins embroidery-hand-me-down from a friend
Hot pink boots (she references to them as her "cowgirl boots") with Dora socks (that you fortunately can not see)-Target, last season

Very stylish. Very NOT coordinated. I think she's ahead of her time.

Oh! I forgot the tattoo, also courtesy of the birthday party yesterday. It really just accents the whole thing.

At least she looks happy about it all. How can I argue with that?

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