Friday, September 05, 2008

Photo Friday-Comparisons

I just realized last night that Kate is the same age (actually a week or two older) than Padyn was when Katelyn was born. Very bizarre. Kate doesn't seem as old as Padyn did at the time. Maybe that's because I don't have another little creature to compare her to. The hair...that also makes a difference. Bangs and long hair make girls look older.

I haven't done comparison photos in a while, but here you go. Just because I wanted to see what they look like at the same age, you have to, too. (Well, actually you don't. You could click away right now.)

I see some similarities. There isn't a good comparison pic, but they do seem to have the same big open mouth smile. You can tell they are sisters, but that's about it.

Happy Friday!

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