Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nothing Better Than Throwing Rocks in the Lake

Yesterday we spent the morning down at the lake. You may not notice it here, but in the course of an hour, the girls changed their clothes 3 times. We all started out in pants since it was still chilly in the house, then quickly put on shorts. Eventually, the shorts and shirts were soaking wet, so the bathing suits came out. Why didn't I just start out that way you ask? I guess there are just some things I'm slow to learn.Kate, the child who has been hesitant to swim all summer, was the first one in the lake. I wasn't paying attention as closely as I should have (I was probably taking pictures of Padyn) and when I turned around, there she was, walking around in the water. I guess the fear has passed.Apparently, this is a new beach dance. It's all the rage with the kids these days.Some weird walk she was doing up the beach. Who knows...
As soon as she had her suit on, she lay down in the water. Again...who knows?

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Erin said...

I love P's beach dance! So cute.