Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Recording for Posterity

Tonight, for no reason whatsoever, Kate decided to poop on the potty. First. Time. Ever.

She had managed to pee in the potty before her bath, which in itself is a big deal. That was something like the 3rd time ever. (She is not so motivated to use to potty.) I let her put a pull-up on for the first time ever while she ate dinner as a prize for the peeing. Then, I had her sit on the potty again before she put her jammies on. Of course, she had already peed in the pull-up, even though I had asked her 17 times during dinner if she had to go and repeatedly reminded her that we don't want the ladybugs to disappear (it's a pull-up thing).

So, she's sitting there on the potty, and I know she's not going to pee, but I count to 30 anyway, because that's our routine when she's on the potty. And she starts pushing. And pushing. And pushing. And before I know it there are 4 little nuggets in the potty.

Sure, it wasn't much, but it's a start. It's something I can reward her for and bribe her with more things to make it happen again.

And really-this is huge when compared to my other child. You see, this little potty...that was the first time it had been pooped in by my child. Padyn steadfastly refused to poop on a toilet until about 8 months after she was in panties all day long. She always went in her pull-up at naptime or when she woke up in the morning. And when I did finally offer the bribe that got her pooping in the toilet, she did it on the big potty. This little potty has never seen this much action!

We'll see if Little Miss Kate decides this is a new era in her life or just a fluke. Really, with her personality, it could go either way.

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Erin said...

Here's to hoping it's not a fluke (like it was with Avery at first) and she's on her way to keeping those ladybugs! :)