Friday, March 31, 2006

Answering the Call

One of our best friends, Lisa, (aka The Girls' Moma) is leaving tomorrow for a short term mission trip to New Orleans. While her girls stay with their grandparents in Texas, Lisa will head to Louisiana with some of the youth she helps shepherd at their church in Washington. They will be "mucking" houses in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Basically, they will be emptying the homes of all possessions and stripping everything back to the studs so the homeowners can start to rebuild. It's laboriously heartbreaking work. I'm so honored to have a friend who is willing to step out in faith and serve in a way she never imagined before. I'm a bit envious that I am not in a position to do the same. (I really don't think they let largely pregnant women handle hammers and deal with incessant mold.)

If you are interested in watching their progress, you can check out her blog:

Better yet, pray for them. We believe that not only with the Lord work in the lives of the people of New Orleans that they will be serving, but we trust He will be changing the lives of His servants as well.

We love you, Lis!

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the Girls' Moma said...

I am really really tired. But you have lifted me up, and I am feeling all tingly all over again. I so appreciate your kind words. I knew there was a reason that I love you!

You'll be hearing from me while I'm gone! Thanks for praying,