Saturday, March 25, 2006

Guess who I am

Padyn has recently started pretending, which is a milestone for her age. It seems like this happened suddenly. One day she only played with concrete objects, and the next she told me she was a scary tiger who would make me tea. It's quite amazing and heartwarming to watch her pretend to wash her hands in her little kitchen sink, make food, or, like this evening, eat hamburger off of Daddy's shirt. It's also a bit of a break for Mommy because it means she's a bit more content to play by herself (only for about 3 minutes, but still.) I also now often hear her talking to herself while she's playing. She's usually quoting lines out of her favorite books (usually something from Berenstain Bears) or singing (Twinkle Twinkle, The Barney Song, or Old MacDonald.) But I think my favorite new thing she does is pretend to be a kitty. Every morning as we eat breakfast, she comes over and lies down in my lap and starts meowing. So we scratch the kitty's ears, back and tummy. Where ever did she learn this? We don't have a cat. She's never had a cat. She hardly sees cats in the neighborhood. It is very endearing, though. I'm trying to teach her to purr. Maybe we should get a cat.


the Girls' Moma said...

I love Scary Tiger!

And I have to speak for the Cats You Have Loved: maybe you should get them BACK!

Need I remind you of a certain black-and-white cat or a silly gray cat???

Erin said...

How about the "Would you like some tea, Mama? Don't drink all of it. Just a sip." And then she'll get upset because after your sip, it's "YOU DRANK ALL OF IT!" I love the "pertending" stage too. Callie likes to talk to her babies.