Friday, March 24, 2006

Final countdown

After being pregnant for nine months and in the home stretch, you start contemplating life without an alien in your belly. You can't think about what it will be like when you aren't pregnant anymore when, say, you are only 11 weeks, or even just starting your third trimester. It's just too painful to dwell on all that time you still have left to get fat. But I have only a couple weeks left and I can actually allow myself to daydream about the day I no longer am pregnant. It's interesting what you start looking forward to. It's not the loss of excess weight, or lack of lower back pain. No, no. My fantasies are much simpler.

  • Being able to tie my shoes with ease and comfort
  • margaritas, wine, vodka tonics, and other such beverages (in moderation, of course)
  • life without acid reflux
  • a normal belly button
  • bending over without my last meal threatening to come back up
  • pants that stay up
  • painting my own toenails
  • no one dancing on my bladder
  • did I mention the acid reflux?
  • not having a large, dark pigmentation the shape of an upside down Texas on my forehead
  • sleeping with just one pillow
  • sleeping without waking up from my snoring
  • sleeping on my stomach
  • sleeping (yes, yes, this is still many months away)

I'm sure there are many more. These are just the ones I am fantasizing about today.

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Periwinkle Jen said...

Hi, I found you through both Lisa(Mix'd Equally)and Erin(Callie and Avery).

I just wanted to say I so know what you mean about looking forward to not being pregnant. Be careful though. I started day dreaming too early and it just made the last part of being pregnant harder. I had a little girl 3 weeks ago(she was 2 days after her due date, but it felt like an eternity). The day I noticed I had a normal belly button again I almost wrote a whole post about it(with pictures!) I might have done it too if I had the time.

I also remember longing to be able to sit at the table instead of a foot and a half away. I get to do it too, when the baby doesn't need me to hold her.