Monday, March 13, 2006

Fun with Coley and Jalyn

Last week, Coley, Jalyn and their moma came to visit for a few days. Coley is Padyn's best friend who unfortunately lives in Washington State. Coley is 2 and 9 months (5 months older than Padyn) and Jalyn is 9 months old. The girls had a great time together playing, singing, dancing, and going on outings. Coley got Padyn excited about using the potty and Padyn convinced Coley to try a few new foods. Of course there was the occasional "No, mine!" and tantrums over toys and mommies, but otherwise it was a wonderful week. The went home two days ago and we still miss them!

singing or screaming?

Jalyn wanting in on the action

fun at the park

best friends (notice the matching dresses)

the girls and their moma

Coley was so excited she was yelling at the bat rays. Both girls look like they are going to jump into the tank.

"fishing" at the aquarium

3 in a car-unfortunately, you can't see Jalyn, but she's there

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the Girls' Moma said...

It's funny to see the pictures you chose and the ones I chose to post. I LOVE the one of the girls looking into the ray tank, but I wish it wasn't so blurry! It would be a cute one of your tummy!

We miss you guys so much and we are so glad we get to "see" you more often now on the girls' blog.

This morning Coley was standing here next to me when I opened up your blog, and she got all excited to see Padyn. She does miss her!