Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

I can't believe it's already been a year since my water broke at 11pm on April 2nd and Katelyn arrived in the world 5 hours later. I can't fathom that the tiny baby who kept me awake so many nights for what felt like FOREVER is laughing, communicating, climbing up the stairs and learning to walk. I can't believe she's becoming a little girl.
Even though today is her actual birthday, we cheated and had a little birthday party for her this past Sunday. I kept it pretty simple since we're the only ones who are going to remember it...a few friends, some family members, cake, presents and a game for the older kids. That was it. And that was perfect. As it was, my tiny house was extremely crowded.

Kate seemed enjoyed her party-mostly. She wasn't so into opening her presents. She wanted to be outside with the big kids who were playing with her new musical instruments. Not that she wanted the instruments. She just wanted the big kids. If anything, this party showed me how much more social Kate is than Padyn. She was so jazzed by having everyone around. She wanted to follow the big kids every where. Padyn, on the other hand, had a meltdown after most people left. She was so overstimulated from the 2 hours spent with 20+ people in her house, that she needed a little quiet time with Daddy just reading in her room for about 20 minutes before she could be a functioning 3 year old again (wait, is that an oxy-moron?).
Fortunately, Austin was TOTALLY into the presents, so he helped me open them all while Kate crawled all over the room greeting people.
Surprisingly, Kate did NOT want the cake. AT ALL. I was very shocked since a) she had eaten a bite of cupcake that morning at church and really dug it and b) it fits her food criteria-bread type carbohydrate product. But no. Wouldn't even put any of it in her mouth. Look at that face. Look at where I'm trying to get her to taste it. She looks like I'm trying to poison her. The last picture looks like she's tasting it, but don't be fooled. That was as close to eating it as she got. She put a bit of frosted fingers in her mouth, then spit it out. At least I didn't have a mess to clean up. But really, she doesn't know what she's missing. And just to clarify-yes, the frosting may be green, but it's cream cheese frosting. That I made myself. That's super yummy. In my opinion, it's better than chocolate.
Initially, she looked interested, if not excited. But after touching the frosting, she didn't want to have anything more to do with the cake.
She kept trying to push my hand away when I tried to give her a bite. She managed to get a little in her mouth, but was not happy with it. After this photo was taken, she pretty much had a meltdown until I took her out of the highchair.
I just have to tell you that Daddy is the one that cut the cake into the shape of a K. I was willing to do it, but my method was not good enough. He, of course, made it perfect, whereas mine probably would have looked more like a long X. Thanks, Daddy.So, since we already had her party on Sunday, we won't do much today for her birthday. In fact, I keep forgetting that today is actually her birthday. We still have a few presents to open (Padyn will be doing that, I'm sure) and a little bit of cake to finish off (again, I'm sure Padyn will volunteer to assist in this area), but mostly it will just be a normal day with a normal evening routine-gym, park, naps, store, dinner, bath, bed. 'Cause really, will she know the difference?
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I love you!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn!!

Brand New Momma said...

Funny thing about the b-day cake. I am sure this same senario will be repeated on Ella's B-day. Anyway- Happy B-day Kate!!!!!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! I love your birthday pictures.