Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Pictures of the Birthday Girl

I took 78 pictures yesterday and today in my quest to get one decent 1st birthday picture. All of them are of Katelyn. All of them. Each one captures some part of her 1 year old personality. There were even some new aspects of her persona that emerged today while being recorded forever. The looking up and closing her eyes? Never seen that before. But she did it at least 7 times today. Pretending to say "Hello" with something up against her ear-today she actually did it with a phone.

I won't bore you with all 78. (They will eventually be on Flickr, where you can look at them all if you really want to. I'm trying to save you some time here.) Here are the ones I like the best. I hope you are happy with the result...I call this one Baby YogaHello!Wake up time

Look at all my teeth!


kjb said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable!! Talk about a Gerber baby with those eyes. You and Joel do nice work, sweetie. Love all the photos and details...keep 'em coming.

Brand New Momma said...

She looks older in these pics. Well as 'older' as a one year old can look. I absolutely love the pic of her looking up to the heavens- such clarity. Adorable!