Tuesday, April 17, 2007

5K Baby!

Aaron's Mom probably didn't realize she was setting me up with a challenge when she first posted about running 5K a couple weeks ago. Well, challenged I felt, therefore, a self-challenge I created. I really wanted to be able to run 5 kilometers. Really run it. Like, without stopping or walking. So I started working my way towards that.

I've never been a runner. NEVER. In school I purposely avoided the sports that had a lot of running. I completely avoided soccer. Forget track. Why would I ever possibly want to do that to myself? But since I got married, I started jogging slowly here and there over the years. I usually hate it, but it's the one form of exercise that really gets me the results I want. So I've tolerated it. And slowly, it became less painful. I wouldn't say I've come to the point were I enjoy it or anything. By no means am I interested in training for a marathon or anything crazy like that. But I've reached a point were if I do some other cardio exercise instead, I don't feel as if I've had a really good workout.

Mostly I run a mile and a half or so. Two miles has been my distance lately. It's not too hard or too long, yet I am ready to quit and do something different by then. I haven't been able to run 3 miles for a LONG time, and the few times I've come close over the past year, it's been at an extremely slow 3 miles, broken here and there with walking. I've slowly been building up to 3 miles at a 10 minute mile pace since Katelyn was born, but every time I got close to my goal, I'd get sick or the girls would get sick or we'd go on vacation and I'd end up back at the starting point, panting my way though a mile again.

But that changed today.

Today I ran 3.1 miles in 31 minutes and 10 seconds.

Without stopping.

I know, I know. For you real runners out there, that's so lame. But I don't care. It was a big accomplishment for me. I'm very proud of myself. I feel GREAT about it. I think I'll do it again tomorrow.

And you know the best part? I have more hope of reaching my true goal, which is to be able to run 5 miles. Now I know I'll eventually do it. It may takes months and months, but the 5K was just the beginning. And I've done it. There's no stopping me now.

(Still not interested in a marathon, though. Triathlon-yes. 26 miles? No way in you-know-where.)


Organized Chaos said...

I wish I lived near you...I would totally drag you into this triathlon thing with me.

You sound just like me...hate running, about 10 minute miles. But a friend of mine (normal stay at home mom who isn't athletic) did a triathlon last summer and gave me the bug. My goal is 5 this summer. Check out the book 12 Week Triathlete...by Tom Horton I think...something along those lines...easy read and good beginner information!

Congrats! I'm working up to 4.0 now.

Aaron's Mom said...

You rock!! Now I feel like I have a training buddy, even though we live miles away! I hope you keep posting your times so we can see your progress (and to keep my butt in gear).

I also want to thank Organized Chaos up there. SHE'S the one that gave me the bug to go out and run an actual for-really-real race.

Shawna Barlette said...

Angie's Mom here....Congratulations on a awesome achievement! It's fabulous to hear about your adventures in running. Keep it going! OK, now my plug for triathlon...go to www.danskin.com/triathlon.html. This is the PREMIER first time triathlon for WOMEN only. I did my first sprint triathlon in San Jose. I couldn't swim freestyle, and did the whole distance on my back doing backstroke. That was many years ago, and I was hooked immediately. Finished Ironman 2005 in just under 16 hours. See what having a goal does? BTW, I love reading your blog. Your girls are adorable.

Angie said...

Congrats Arlene! Man, my first 5K was 36 minutes, so you've got me beat! I was just going to suggest that sprint triathlon mom did in the Bay Area. I think it was a good starter.

Keep us updated with your running!

Brand New Momma said...

Want to run even further? I find it's all in the music you take along with you. So make sure you are loaded up with something inspirational to play just when you are about to hit a wall.

If you commit to a triathalon you may just inspire me to do the same.... so make sure you keep me up to date. Keep it up!

Michelle said...

Michelle (friend o Lisa's),
Congrats on the accomplishments. It can be frustrating to build up the miles, but it's well worth it when you are DONE!

Funny, I have done a full marathon (won't do that again), yet can't imagine a triathlon. How weird..oh wait, I hate swimming.

the Girls' Moma said...

And hey! Guess what! You are all INSANE!

Although I did walk on the treadmill for 48 minutes yesterday while Arlene ran her 5K.

Does proximity count?!?

p & k's mommy said...

I'm sure some of it rubbed off on you, L.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I feel like I have training buddies all over the states. Shall we keep each other accountable?

Suz, any song suggestions are welcome. I usually just have my iPod on shuffle and if a slow boring song comes on, I change it.

Aaron's Mom said...

Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Don't laugh! It keeps me going, man.

Michelle said...

No really, Marky Mark? That is funny. Then again, I listen to P.O.D. and about blow my own eardrums out. whatever gets one foot in front of the other I guess. L- treadmill for 48 min? THAT is insane..outdoors is so much better.