Sunday, April 15, 2007

Photo Friday Part 2: The Sunday Edition

As promised, I have some Easter photos to share with you. I know Easter was a whole week ago now, but I just finally took them off my camera on Friday, so there you go. I can't put them all here, but in the next couple days I'll get them all on Flickr, so you can just click on the Flickr badge in the sidebar and see them all.
Our Easter Sunday was quite a day. We started off at church where Padyn partook in the annual Easter egg hunt. (I love that our pastor pointed out that the eggs should be empty. Aren't we rejoicing in a particular emptiness on Easter Sunday? Wouldn't that be much more symbolic? Disappointing, sure. But really...I could do with less candy for the kid.) Anyway, after that, we cruised over to my father's house for a fantastic Easter brunch. Katelyn actually ate scrambled eggs. Padyn mostly chowed on the fruit and the sausage. No surprise. She tried the scrambled eggs, but she didn't eat them because the eggs at our house are better. At least, that's what she claims. After brunch and yet another Easter egg hunt, it was home for naptime. Naptime wasn't very long because we had one more place to hit for the day. Easter dinner at Padyn's pal, C.J.'s house. It was a highly nontraditional Easter dinner of BBQ Brisket and greens. I'm still a little disappointed in the lack of ham, but apparently the ham intended for Easter dinner had been sacrificed the evening before in place of the brisket. Who knows. All I know is I still want some ham.

So that's it. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Padyn patiently awaiting her turn to "hunt" for eggs.
Katelyn and Mommy watching the Egg Hunt action. Katelyn REALLY wanted to get down and join in. Sorry, baby. You must be at least 2 years old to play.
Competing with Caitlyn for the best eggs.
Daddy, look at how many I got! And there's CANDY in them! I'm so EXCITED!
It's sad, but this is the best picture I have of them together. In all the other ones, Kate is crying.
Kate couldn't look for eggs, but she could cruise around on Papa's lawn (with Daddy's help, of course.)
Is there one in here?

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Anonymous said...

If I haven't said this lately, let me reiterate: You are so beautiful, and I love you very much.

Just thought you should know.

-p&k's daddy