Tuesday, April 24, 2007

They Should Start Their Own Band

Padyn and Coley love singing together. Coley is definitely the singer of the two. Padyn would more likely be the backup singer or dancer if she and Coley were to start their own band. But, they DO love being musical together, and this morning was no exception.

At breakfast, they were singing one of their all-time favorite songs, "Violin," by They Might Be Giants. In fact, this song has been burned into Coley's brain since infancy. Before her first birthday, she could do the sign for violin and that eventually became her sign for music. The point is, they both know and love the song, so singing it together was a loud and joyous event for them.

After singing it through a few times, I told them it was time to stop singing and resume eating their breakfast. (Maybe there needs to be a "no singing at the table" rule?) At this, Padyn stood up, lifted and hands in the air and said:

"Mommy, we're singing to God!"

God, I hope you like They Might Be Giants.

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