Monday, April 09, 2007

Already Planning for Her Future

P: Mommy, when will I have a baby?

M: When you are grown-up and married. In a long long time. You won't have a baby for a long long time.

P: Who will I marry, Mommy?

M: I don't know, honey. But you won't get married for a long long time. You have to grow up first.

P: Maybe I'll marry Kate, Mommy.

M: No, you won't marry Kate. You will marry a boy who is not related to you.

P: Why?

M: Because that's they way it works.

P: Ok, Mommy. But I can still marry Kate if I need to.


Brand New Momma said...

I am totally laughing (out loud) while I sit in my house all alone (except for Ella and Hudson of course). I have also had a little wine. Seriously though that was funny!

Mommy Jules said...

My 2 1/2 year old cousin Erin once asked me if I had a husband. I told her that Chris was my husband she said, "Oh, Maggie's my husband." Maggie was her 9 month old sister. It was great. Earlier that day when my aunt told Erin that I was her cousin she said, "Oh, Maggie's my cousin."
As usual I am lovin your blog.