Friday, April 06, 2007

Photo Friday: Comparison at Twelve Months

I know, I know. I'm totally cheating today. I'm combining a weekly and a monthly tradition. Sheer laziness, people. I have nothing else to say about that.

So, let's take a look at Padyn around a year and Katelyn at around a year. I think they look different. Not very very different, but they definitely would not pass as twins. And while their personalities continue to be different, they are some activities that they both enjoy(ed) at this age.

The walker/scooter for example. Padyn received it as a first birthday present and loved it. Kate discovered it a couple months ago and has the same love of it as Padyn had (and occassionally still does). Kate has figured out how to get on and off it while in the scooter position, which Padyn didn't do for a LONG time. She just likes to take things up a notch like that. It keeps Mommy on her toes.
Another similarity is their love of the phone, especially the cell phone. I don't remember if Padyn was holding it up to her face and pretending to say "hello" at this age like Kate is, but I do remember being very adament about her NOT playing with the phone. Ya, not so strict this time around...What? You want the phone? It will make you happy and you'll stop yelling at me? Ok, go ahead and have it. Just don't call China, please.
There are many other similarties, but I don't have pictures of both kids enjoying them. For instance, the both love/loved the bath, the swing at the park, their pacis and banging on the sliding glass door. Kate is a bit more aggressive in her banging, but only because she seems to love being outside more. Both are/were excellent sleepers and could be easily soothed with a little cuddle and some tylenol when fussy. Both are/were easy going and happy.
I'm not sure if the differences outweigh the similarites. Food continues to be the biggest difference between the sisters. Padyn would eat almost anything but milk at this age. No milk-no way, no flavor, no method of delivery. Kate LOVES milk. So much so that I have to limit her intake so she'll actually be hungry enough to eat something. And getting her to eat something that in it's natural form? Somedays, nearly impossible.
But, I love them both equally in a way I never thought possible.

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Erin said...

Cell phone for Avery? HERE TAKE IT IF YOU WILL STOP WITH THE YELLING. I just lock it and she goes to town pressing the buttons. She actually has called Josh at work once on the home phone so no more of that!