Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Genuinely Concerned or Too Smart for her Own Good?

This morning when we picked up Padyn from school, we gave her a snack of cheese crackers in the car. All the other girls had previously eaten the same snack. Coley, though, was still hungry and made sure we knew about it. After a bit of cajoling, I was able to convince Padyn to share her cheese crackers with her friend. Things returned to normal for a while while Padyn carefully doled out one cracker at a time to Coley. All the while, she was clearly mulling this over and trying to come up with a reason why Coley should not have any of her precious crackers. I was shocked, yet secretly impressed when I heard this come out of her mouth...

I just realize, Mommy, I can't share my cheese crackers with Coley because I have a cough.

Future debater?

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Periwinkle Jen said...

I vote for too smart, but with a good heart;)