Friday, April 13, 2007

Photo Friday Part 1

I realized I have over 200 pictures on my camera from this past week, so I'll have to do at least two Photo Friday installments. One may happen to get posted on Saturday, but's not like I'll be penalized for late posting. So, here are some shots I took this week because I wanted PROOF that Kate actually eats something besides snack food. I don't know what turning one did to her, but suddenly she decided that eating soft food in it's natural state would not lead to a slow agonizing death. (That has been her philosophy about food up to this point.) Of course, just because this particular week she happened to eat cheese, grapes, oranges and rice cakes with cream cheese, that doesn't mean it will ever happen again. In fact, as I am posting this, Kate is refusing to eat the string cheese that just two days ago she could not get enough of. What is that about?And since I really can't have a photo post without posting some of Padyn, here's a couple shots of her from that same afternoon. She was being her normal entertaining self. Don't feel sorry for her and think I love Kate more because she has more pictures today. Just wait until you see the Easter pictures. It's all about Padyn.

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