Friday, April 20, 2007

Photo Friday: Beach Day

We spent the morning at the beach in Half Moon Bay. Can you tell everyone loved it? Digging was, by far, the favorite activity of the day for the kids. I preferred the sitting and not worrying about anyone being able to go very far. It made we wonder why the heck I don't take the girls to the beach more often. It was SO easy. Mental note to self: Go to beach more. You like it. It's fun.

The birthday girl took most of the pictures.
Carefully carrying her treasure-a.k.a. sand and shellsSearching for shells

Jalyn and Katelyn inspecting their big sisters' shoes

Padyn and Coley = Best Friends

Going for a walk with Mommy

I guess the sand needed patting.

Pensive Girl

I think there was a sandcastle supposedly being built. If so, I never saw evidence of it.

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Jen said...

I love the pictures of Padyn and Coley with matching hair dos! That totally reminds me of Lisa and Me when we were little! We had to have everything the same!

Hope you guys had a good day! The beach is looks amazing! Wish I was there!