Saturday, April 28, 2007

What a Difference a Nap Makes

Kate and I took a quick trip this week that required airplane rides. I was so looking forward to only flying with one child again. It was going to be so much EASIER.

No, no. Really it wasn't. Not on the trip there, it wasn't.

Kate screamed. Screamed and screamed then screamed some more. Tantrum-like screams. Throwing herself on the floor type screams. And that was even before we got on the plane. (She threw herself on the floor of the airplane also.) You should have seen the looks I was getting for all the other passengers waiting to board.

She screamed getting on the plane, waiting for Mommy to get settled, and during take off. I was so sure she was going to fall asleep during take-off. That's usually what happens. And she was so obviously tired. But no. For at least an hour of the two hour flight she did her screaming bit. Nothing would make her happy. Not the pacifier, Bear Bear, books or food. Back and forth between my lap and the floor she went, all the while letting everyone know just how unhappy she was.

It wasn't horrible the entire time. Jalyn made her happy for a little while. Walking around among the rows of empty seats kept her entertained for a bit. Trying to climb over the seat was fun for a few minutes.

Then the screaming would start again. Finally, finally, finally, a very kind flight attendant managed to heat up her bottle with some warm water. She gulped it down then promptly flew asleep on my lap...until we landed 15 minutes later.

Why they drama? No morning nap. Thank goodness the plane was over half empty. I think I would have been thrown out onto the wing otherwise.

You can just guess how worried I was to take the return flight home. Thankfully, she slept during the entire hour drive to the airport. On the plane, she was like a different child. Happy, giggly, offering her pretzels to all those around her. At one point she even grabbed her pacifier and her bear and climbed up onto my lap for a little 10 minutes rest. It was really like night and day. She was content with everything and everyone. Life was good.

I don't think she's ready to drop that morning nap yet.

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