Sunday, May 06, 2007

Watery Girls

Kate has a new love. It's the water table. We bought it for the girls for Kate's birthday, but we didn't show it to them until today. Today was the perfect day to bust it out seeing as how it was in the 80's. Padyn has played with one before at her friend Gan's house. She is a big fan. How appropriate that Gan was here this afternoon to help them break it in. But getting back to Katelyn. She stood and played at this thing for at least 30 minutes. That was long after the other two went back to the slide and the bubbles. The only reason she didn't play longer was because it was time to eat dinner. She just stood there and splashed and splashed and splashed. She was soaked front AND back. I'm not sure how she got the back of her clothes wet, but she did. You should have seen her smile and heard her squeals. You would think there was no better toy in the world than water.
Can't wait until the pool is heated. Then we'll really see what this water girl can do.

Here's what the other two were doing while Kate continued to soak herself.

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