Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fully Loaded

I've finally uploaded all my current pictures to Flickr. They have no titles or descriptions, but they are there. You can go see them. Just click on the Flickr badge on the sidebar and you can see pictures of Easter, Kate actually eating, Coley and Jalyn's visit, the beach, playing with friends, and even watching TV.



Erin said...

Did you upgrade from the free Flickr to the professional one or whatever it is. The one you have to pay for. I'm wondering if I should do that. Just curious.

Aaron's Mom said...

Erin, I think you have to upgrade or else your upload limit for the month is retardedly (is that a word?) small.

And don't worry. The only reason I paid for the upgrade was because I saw that everyone else I knew had done so as well.

p & k's mommy said...

Yup. The upgrade is the only way to go or else you only end up being able to upload 3.25 pictures when they are this big. Now I have a ridiculous amount of room. I never even come close to meeting my monthly capacity. And I have over 2000 pictures on there! Gotta love that.