Friday, May 04, 2007

Because it wouldn't be a true Photo Friday without a picture of the Friendly Lion

That's how Padyn is referring to herself these days. Don't ask because I really have no clue. Today when she told me she was a friendly lion, she assured me that she was not a scary monster, just a mommy monster. I said that I thought she was a friendly lion. She rolled her eyes and sighed in that way that only 3 year olds can and said, "I am, Mommy."

Glad we got that cleared up.

And here you are. You can view the friendly lion/mommy monster in all her glory...And here's where she's acting like a freak, I mean, a lion. Yes, that's a sock in her mouth. And yes, it's filled with Little People toys. Again, I have no idea. I just live here.


Jen said...

Your girls are so precious!! I love your photo Fridays!!!


Erin said...

Callie fills her socks with toys, too! Only it's usually her Dora figures. And sometimes she fills her baby's clothes with toys.

But, um, she doesn't carry them around in her mouth.