Thursday, May 24, 2007

Photo Friday-A Day Early

Since we are leaving today to go down south for my sister's graduation from med school (Holy Cow! Dr. Christie!), there will be no Photo Friday. So instead, enjoy these pictures of the girls from one of our two princess parties last weekend on Thursday.

Do you see Padyn's shoes? She wore those all day.Only Padyn dressed up as a princess. Katelyn slept through most of her bud, Kelsey's, first birthday party. But that just means Mommy had more fun!


Erin said...

Oh, the lovely princess parties. We've only been to one so far. The others were pirate parties. But of course Callie wants a princess party, with PRINCES, too. Can't forget the boys I guess.

Are Katelyn's shoes from Target? Because Avery's got some that look just like that from Target.

tasra said...

So incredibly adorable. I miss this age and stage...when all is pink and frilly and cute. Tween years with a girl are an entirely different story!

So glad I found you through Chrissy's blog. I'll have to stop by and say hello more often now!

(former Highway mom)