Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just a Bit Bumpy

Wanna see what Kate did to her forehead last Thursday? Granted, she only got one goose-egg herself. The other one was put there by a 3 year old and a very hard plastic Curious George toy. I don't know which one was the coffee table and which one was George, but they happened within 20 minutes of each other. Did she cry? Oh yes. Very long? Oh no. Did it seem to bother her ever again? Not even.
Here's the super close-up:Oh, and the same day? She woke up from her nap with these:Yes, those are hives. They were all over her legs and arms on Thursday, then they were everywhere by Friday. Saturday? They were mostly gone. They didn't ever seem to bother her. No crankiness or trying to scratch herself. But they sure were ugly. Never again will she eat a Gerber Toddler Fruit strip.

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Rochelle said...

Must be the age! My Caitlin has a nice green bruise on her forehead from doing a faceplant onto tile. I have no idea where the other one on her head came from!

By the way, the organic fruit strips are back at Trader Joe's (at least in Sunnyvale). They're soft and can be eaten by a toddler with less than 6 teeth!