Friday, May 04, 2007

Kate's Updated Update

I forgot a few things in Katelyn's 12 and 13 month update that I feel are worth sharing. Well, really it's that I think I'll want to remember them later on when I can't remember anything about her at this age...

She loves peanut butter toast. That is another staple in her limited diet. I never ever gave Padyn peanut butter this young. I think I waited until she was two years old, so fearful of peanut allergies was I. But with Kate, I'm a bit desperate.

She nods her head. Very emphatically. And correctly, most of the time. Like last night Joel asked her if she was ready to take a bath. She nodded that noggin of hers up and down so stiffly and forcefully I thought she was going to bust her chin on her sternum.

Lastly, she loves rolling around on the floor on her back. She kicks her feet around and slams them up and down onto the floor. Then she laughs and rolls over and rubs her face into the carpet. It reminds me a dog rolling around in order to scratch itself. I don't think this is what she is doing, but it's still pretty hysterical.

OK. That should be enough until next month.

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Mommy Jules said...

It sounds like you have a very tactile, kinesthetic little one on your hands. Why do I know this, I think you know. Some tips, outside tables with shaving cream could entertain for hours! Good luck! She is beautiful.