Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kate's Utterances

You may have noticed my new "labels cloud" over in the sidebar. Thanks to The Girls' Moma and a very detailed web page, I managed to put this on without blowing up my entire blog. I was a bit worried when I started that I would completely lose everything I've written in the last year. Fortunately, that did not happen this time.

Anyway, if you look closely, you'll see a label titled "utterances." In the past, this has only applied to Padyn. In fact, in the beginning of posting about things Padyn said, I didn't even add a "Padyn" label to it (every blog post can have multiple labels) because there really was no need for clarification; only one of my children produced utterances of significance. Well, not anymore. Here's what Miss Kate is uttering these days. And when I say "these days," what I mean is "suddenly, as of this past weekend..."

Uh-oh: At first she only imitated Padyn, who of course, said it repeatedly. But tonight at dinner, she used it appropriately and without prompting every time she "dropped" her cup on the floor.

hi-ee: Hi, but with a long e added to the end. She only does this when you say it first.

Duh-duh: Duck or Duckie. She actually pointed to Padyn's duck tonight and said it. Obviously, this one is spontaneous.

Bah-bah: This word has multiple meanings. It might be anything from milk to paci to bear. Most often it means Bear-Bear.

Dah-dah: On Sunday we were at the mall and she repeatedly pointed at things and said this. Later that afternoon we were over at someone's house and she did it again, but this time I could see she was pointing at a stuffed dog. When I thought back, I realized we saw a few dogs at the mall, plus a stuffed dog in the bookstore. Clearly, she knows what dogs are.

And my favorite...
Ah-duh: All done. Empty milk bottle? Hands it to me and says, "Ah-duh." Doesn't want anymore yogurt? Waves her arms around and says, "Ah-duh." Tried of being in her highchair? Starts pulling frantically at the straps and shouting, "Ah-duh! Ah-duh!"

Oh, and these aren't utterances, but they are also new as of this weekend...

She can blow a kiss, and she waves "hi" to everyone who walks past her. Today she waved "hi" to the outside through the window.

I love this age.

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Brand New Momma said...

Oh, that is what a label cloud is...very cool! Kate keep up the good work!