Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Comparison at Thirteen Months

Padyn at 13 months: crawled, climbed in and out of baskets and her portable high chair, loved reading books, loved watching Baby Einstein videos and Elmo. Ate almost anything except baby food and milk. Couldn't get enough of the pool or anything that had to do with water. Slept with only her paci. Had some hair and about 8 teeth with her molars on the way. Spoke a few words (mama, dada, papa) and used signs for "more" and "all done" regularly. Was one of the cutest babies I knew.Kate at 13 months: crawling but could walk if she wanted to, climbs on EVERYTHING, knows how to climb off the couch and Padyn's bed, is started to be interested in books, and does not care for TV. Will eat only crunchy food and yogurt, but LOVES milk. Thinks water is the greatest thing in the universe and gets upset if she doesn't get a bath. Sleeps with her paci, Bear Bear and a blanket. Has no hair and 10 teeth. Calls everything "baba" and says dada with regularity. Only signs "milk" even though she knows the signs for "thank you," "more," and "all done." Is one of the cutest babies I know.

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