Friday, September 14, 2007

Cheatin' Today

Well, it's that time of the week again and you know how many photos I took this week? Three. Oh wait, I'm wrong. I just looked at the camera and I took double that...a huge whooping SIX! Whoo-who. Go me. Here's the best one:

Kate was very proud of herself. This is the first time I'd ever seen her put the blocks together by herself. She clearly knew that was an accomplishment. However, that didn't keep her from tearing them apart and throwing them across the kitchen right after this picture was taken.When Auntie called last night to remind me it was Photo Friday today, I told her I had nothing, so she suggested I put up old pictures. Then when I was falling asleep last night I realized it had been ages since I did a comparison of the girls or a monthly update on Kate. I don't feel the need to do updates that frequently anymore, but I did like the comparisons and would like to do those again with some regularity. Kate turned 17 months almost two weeks ago, but since today is Padyn's 46th month birthday, I thought it would be fitting to start again today. So, this Photo Friday is the Photo Friday 17th Month Comparison Update. I don't think there will be many of these in the future, but it works for today. Here we go...

At 17 months, Padyn had just begun to walk. She was pretty stable on her feet right away, like Katelyn was, probably due to the fact that she waited so long. At 17 months, Kate is very outgoing and social, very opposite of her sister. But while she might be more active, she is not a risk-taker (thankfully!). In that respect, she's more similar to her sister than I used to think. Neither are big fans of climbing up play structures or going down the slide at the park by themselves. They are very fond of the swings, and could spend an hour being pushed in one. Whether it's good or bad, they both show less reserve in the pool, however, which might get us in trouble next summer.At 17 months, even though she was mobile, Padyn was content to sit and play and could read books or watch TV for HOURS. She didn't want to play by herself-I usually needed to be right there with her or she'd follow me around complaining. But at this age I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel where I could stick a video on and take a shower and she wouldn't go anywhere.Kate loves to play, but wants to play with me or her sister. She doesn't mind being alone if SHE is the one who has left the room, but if Padyn, Daddy or I leave her, watch out. She refuses to sit still or watch TV longer than 43 seconds. Currently eating out with this child is as close to torture as I'm willing to get. Forget taking showers while she is awake. Either she needs to be in the shower with me or in her crib playing with toys.Both girls had and have smiles that make everyone else around them smile. Kate is very free with hers, whereas Padyn reserved her smiles for people she knew. Katelyn is constantly waving and saying "hello" and "bye bye" to most strangers that cross our path. I still can't get Padyn to say "hello" to people she sees on a weekly basis.At 17 months, these girls had many similarities, even if they don't look the same anymore. They were/are both highly verbal, can name most major body parts, love bathing and anything to do with water and dance even when no music is playing. They have their own drummers that they are happy to march to. Both were/are making animal noises, recognize people on sight, know how to ask for common things they want and do not like being strapped in their highchairs or carseats. Kate as recently started throwing tantrums, and I can't remember if Padyn had started doing that at this age or not. It's a struggle not to laugh out loud when Kate throws herself to the floor kicking and screaming. Literally. And just in the past few days she has started to scream, whether she's happy or mad. I'm telling you, it must end soon. Occasionally Padyn tries to copy her and boy does she ever get in trouble for that.One last difference I just noticed in this last picture. See that little ponytail on young Padyn? I could never do that with Kate's hair at this point. Padyn didn't have much in the way of hair, but you certainly won't be seeing ponies on Kate for a while yet.Happy Friday from the D girls. We'll be seeing you next week.

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