Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here We Go Again

Today was Padyn's first day of PreK Preschool. It's hard to believe that it was a year ago already when we started this school thing. In some ways Padyn seems like such a bigger girl than that not quite 3 year old. In other ways, it doesn't feel like an entire year has already passed, making us each a year older and (hopefully) wiser.

But there we were again today. The first day of preschool that wasn't really the first day because you only stay for an hour, and all the parents are there, standing around, hoping their child doesn't bite anyone. Me, I was standing around, talking to my friends, and periodically making sure Padyn was talking to people, not just hanging out by herself in the new reading loft. I can tell her teachers are going to have trouble getting her out of there this year. There's worse things to get in trouble for, I guess.

This year Padyn is in a combination class of sorts. A few of us 4 year old parents were really ticked off when the school originally only offered a 5 day morning PreK (a.k.a. "4 year old") program for this year. I really wanted Padyn to be in school 3 days a week, in the morning. But intially, my only option was the afternoons, which was totally going to jack up our entire weekly schedule. Plus, this child still naps. Almost every day. Why would I want to mess with that? Getting back to my point...a few parents complained and the school's solution was to create a 2 day combo 3's/4's class. It's mostly olders 3's who were in the 2 year old program last year, and the three 4 year old kids from my church who needed to be in the morning, but for whatever reason, can't go everyday. So, they are going to do the 4 year old curriculum with all the kids. I'm happy with that.

Padyn has some of her good friends in the class. These are kids she sees almost everyday anyway, either at church events or playgroup or just at our house for playdates. She isn't going to be lacking in friendships. She won't be getting quite as much academics as I'd like, but really? This is preschool. And she's already a reader. I'm not terribly concerned.

So, have you noticed yet that I actually don't have pictures from today? Yea, I guess that's the other thing about the second year of preschool. It just doesn't feel as big of a deal. (Oh, and my lens is still broken, so that limits my photo taking ability. Gotta get a new one.)

I'm sure at the END of the year, when there's that silly "graduation" from preschool, there will be lots of pictures then. For now, just picture Padyn all smiles, lost in a heap of books in her classroom (same one as last year.) That's pretty much how she looked today.

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Erin said...

Callie goes every day. Can you say withdrawal? For ME? She has a blast. I had to get used to her not being with me every day in the mornings. Now Avery and I are getting into a routine, and I'm in a play group again that meets earlier, so Avery can play with friends, too.

Oh, and Callie picks a book every morning when she goes in her class. EVERY morning.