Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just One More Thing I Don't Have Pictures Of

Did I tell you I enrolled Kate in gymnastics? Well, it's at "The Little Gym," which some might argue isn't really gymnastics, but I would beg to differ. I had Padyn in "really" gymnastics for a few sessions when she was younger. I think Katelyn has learned more in the last two sessions than Padyn did in an entire quarter of classes. And this gym is clean. And all the equipment is her size. And it's real gymnastics equipment. It's so cute. It's not cheap, but we get a lot more than I did at the "real" gymnastics studio. I'm a big fan already.

Today was only the second day we've gone, just Kate and me. And as soon as we walked into the studio, Kate knew exactly where we were. Boy was she excited. So excited, in fact, that she pranced around showing her tummy off to anyone who would take notice of it. (We have yet to figure out why this particular thing is her happy dance, but it just is. When she's happy, she shows you her tummy.)

Just like Padyn's first day of preschool today, I have no pictures of Kate at gymnastics. Mainly because I can't very well take pictures AND spot her on the bars. It would be a bit awkward. But as soon as I can get someone else in there with me to take pictures, I'll show you how much Kate loves this class and why I think she's going to college on an athletic scholarship.


Erin said...

I've heard good things about the Little Gym! I hope she continues to have fun. Totally worth the money, I think. We did Gymboree with Callie twice and she LOVED it.

Brand New Momma said...

I think I am going to sign Ella up for a toddler gym class this winter. I was hesitant b/c the one here is also expensive. It's good to hear that Kate likes it.

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I LOVE YOU said...