Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Finally Got A Boy!

When I say we, I mean that in the extended family sense. We did not suddenly adopt a son, although that is a thought...

Anyways, I'm an Auntie again. My sister, Christie, delivered Trevor Thomas at 5:45pm today, September 15th. I don't know all the details, I haven't even seen a picture yet, but I know he's about 7 pounds. That's a huge praise because my sister has been measuring small during this pregnancy and she was concerned about him. There have been other complications that I'll let her tell you about if she wants, but for now we are grateful that he is healthy and here. Everything else is just details.

Bella, Padyn says congratulations on being a big sister. She can't wait to see you! She wanted to come see you tomorrow, but I told her you'd be here in a few weeks and that would be soon enough.

And Trevor, your cousin, Kate, can already say your name. She hasn't even seen a picture of you yet, but she knows you. How cool is that?

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