Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sentences Out of the Mouth of a Babe

For the past two days I've been keeping track of things Kate has been saying. Many of them are a result of mimicking her sister or me, but not always. Some beauties she pulls out of midair with no prompting like Bye bye, Osh when we leave her little friend. Here's a few so you know exactly what I'm dealing with.

Tali poo poo (Tali went poo poo)

Bye bye, Osh (Bye bye, Josh)

Shooszh ah baby (Shoes of Padyn, or Padyn's shoes)

Momma, are you? (Momma, where are you. She also does this with Daddy and Padyn)

What dat? What is that?

Shooszh ah (Shoes off)

Geh so moe (Get some milk)

Haas (Hugs) or Gih haas (Give hugs)

Ah juszh (Apple juice)

Daddy oh (Daddy's home)

uh righ (All right)

Ets oh! (Let's go!)

Ets oh bye bye (Let's go bye bye)

There's a few more, but I didn't write them down, so they have currently escaped my brain. I'll try to keep the list going. It's just as much fun trying to phonetically spell what she is saying as it is to listen to her.

Oh, and did I tell you she shouts? MOMMA! MOMMA! when I'm standing right next to her. I know she's the second child, but she can't feel so neglected that she has to get my attention by constantly shouting at me. I might develop a complex. Or selective hearing.